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The Legend Of Shad The Legend Of Shad

Rated 4 / 5 stars

When's the next installment?

I think everyone here has hit the nail on the head.

For a first animation it's really good and show you have loads of potential.

There's a bit of code on the internet you may find useful, essentially it programs a box on the top layer that's invisible but acts like a camera. That way instead of trying to move 2 characters, the background and props at once, you could just move Shad and the camera box.

I look forward to your future work.

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SuperSpark responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Do you mind sending me a PM telling me where I can find that program you're talking about. It sounds super useful!

The Video Game Polka The Video Game Polka

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Flawed but good.

I'll try to keep this short but here how I see it.

First, good song, good idea and the general flow was nice.

Some sprites were low quality, mixing sprites of different bits (such as 16-bit megaman on an 8-bit background) is generally a bad idea. Few issues with animation.

Lip sinking was bang on for the most part, eye brows were used to actually change and show emotion rather then just tacked on.

Personally, I liked it, I have a few issues with it that i brought up, but I liked it.


Emanhattan responds:

Oh. ok. yeah i must be careful on some sprite using

The Arena Part 1 The Arena Part 1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

You got talent.

14 years old eh? I have to say your pretty good for only being 14, music wasn't my cup of tea but your art style is nice, light and consistant. You understand good camera work and everything flow rather nicely, except when it's not supposed to 'flow' like when those black things dissapear.

Next you may want to consider shading, but that requires alot of time and you put alot of time into this already.

Keep up the good work, I'll keep my eye open for others films by Jack in the Box

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Megaman X Game Engine Megaman X Game Engine

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A great start.

Good job, yes there are many bugs but this is an excellent start. He jumps a bit to high and rapid fire will sometimes firs a level 1 charge shot but those are my only complaints

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